How Bernie wins YUGE in Hawaii.

by Paul HolcombOct 11th, 2019

Bernie is running for president and still fighting for all of us. But a lot of other things have changed since 2016. There are many more candidates, and the field may not shrink much by the time Hawaii makes its choice.

How we vote will be different in 2020

If you were there in 2016, you witnessed long lines, crowded buildings, and a very basic hand-written paper voting system. Our voting process, the PPP, is very different this year:

  • able and encouraged to vote by mail
  • uses Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) - more on that below
  • is much more expensive
  • even has a different name, instead of the Presidential Preference Poll, it is now called the Party-Run Presidential Primary on the advice of the DNC

If you'd like some information on the process, the current status, and to help the Democratic Party of Hawaii pay for this incredible undertaking, please visit PPP.Vote for more information.

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

"Ranked Choice Voting" (sometimes called "Instant Runoff Voting") allows you to vote for more than one candidate on a single ballot by putting them in your preferred order of winning. Wikipedia has some general rules about how this system works if you want to get started understanding the process. Check back here for detailed instructions and answers about our Hawaii 2020 ballot. Currently, the national Democratic party has yet to finalize our plan.

[UPDATED 2019-10-13] The DNC has tentatively approved our plan!