What to do at the March 4th meetings

by Eric SchragerMar 2nd, 2020

Bernie 2020 March 4th info

Thanks so much for stepping up to help advance the progressive agenda here in Hawaiʻi.  The meeting on March 4th is a unique opportunity, basically our foot in the door to the Democratic Party at the local level.  If we are able to vote in OUR people at this neighborhood meeting, then we will have set ourselves up to make some major, much needed changes in the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi. Getting OUR people voted in as State Convention Delegates will be extremely important for Bernie because he is very likely going to be facing a major challenge at the National Democratic Convention in Milwaukee. Every delegate vote at the National Convention will be crucial. Please review the information and links below and take part in this important election.  Also, please share with your progressive friends and show up with your Bernie Crew! Bernie t-shirts, buttons etc. are highly encouraged in order to help us figure out “who is who” at the actual meeting location. 

TODO Attend this meeting to vote for progressives (aka Bernie people) or, even better, answer Bernieʻs call and run for State Delegate and/or local party officer and make a difference yourself! Itʻs not difficult or time consuming. WHEN Wednesday March 4th, 2020 at 6:30pm

Determine which Precinct you live using For example: 51/02 = House District 51, Precinct 2 
⁕ OR ⁕
Use this special Google Maps link with Precinct Boundaries. Click inside red precinct lines to see the numbers or search for a street address zooomed in or using a magnifying glass. Please note it down or take a picture of it. It is very important to remember which District and Precinct you live in.
View the Meeting Locations by District and Precinct

HOW Bring fellow progressives from your area to this meeting and organize your Precincts. Then  elect our people as the delegates to the Democratic Party Convention which will be held the weekend of 23-24 May at the Sheraton, Waikiki. WHY The more progressives that are elected into these important delegate seats, the more say we will have about the future. The delegates choose all the Senior Party Officers at the Convention in May. We will significantly advance our Progressive Agenda when we get our people elected!


1. Voter Registration/Update - If you haven’t yet registered to vote, or need to update or verify your voter registration (due to address or name change) you can register do that at

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to check this anyway to be sure. You will need a Hawaiʻi Driverʻs License or State ID to do this online. Here is the state paper form if you have trouble with the online process.

2. Party Registration/Update - Be sure to join or update your registration with the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i at Register.PPP.Vote

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to check this anyway to be sure. As long as you register with the party before 18 February, 2020 March 8th, 2020 you will receive your Presidential Primary ballot in the mail. Here is the DPH paper form if you have trouble with the online process.

3. Show up at the Meeting Wednesday March 4th, at 6:30pm - Get there early if at all possible so you can quickly organize for the voting as you wait for the meeting to begin.

MEETING AGENDA (order may vary)

1. Precinct Election of Officers Run for President, Vice President, or the District Council Representative. (These newly elected Officers from each Precinct will make up the new District Council.) 

2. Election of State Convention Delegates (MOST IMPORTANT) Run for State Convention Delegate even if you were elected a Precinct officer. The number of delegate slots will be different at each location, generally from 3 to 12 Female, and from 3 to 12 Male  delegates in each Precinct. If you cannot get elected as a Delegate, run as an Alternate.

3. District Council Meeting (ALL NEW OFFICERS WAIT FOR THIS) Vote for District Chair and related district positions. 

[UPDATED 2020-03-01]