Time to Vote!

by Paul HolcombMar 17th, 2020

How to vote for Bernie in Hawaiʻi

Bernie 2020 Ballot source:DPH media packet (with modifications)

If you...

☑ joined the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi prior to February 18th

You should have already received a ballot in the mail. If not, call 888-317-1906

☑ joined the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi between to February 18th and March 8th

You should be getting your ballot in the mail soon. If you don't receieve your ballot by March 20th, call 888-317-1906

☑ didn’t join the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi by March 8th

Don't worry; You can still vote for Bernie! Make sure you register to vote in Hawaiʻi at your current address at

AND make sure you join the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi Party at You won’t receive a ballot in the mail, but you will be able to vote IN PERSON on April 4th at one of the 21 voting sites around the state. You can find the closest location to you at /voting-locations

Due to local, state, and national government edicts, the polling locations for April 4th are no longer available for in-person voting. But registering to vote and joining the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi Party (using online links) should still be your next steps. Please check /updates for more information.

This section will also be updated with official information as it becomes available.

And then...

Please vote for Bernie Sanders in the first position!

optionally take a picture (for your own record) of your ballot and the envelopes.

Have More Questions?

This year the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi is doing doing things quite a bit differently than previous years. We are using Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and you can vote by-mail. Even the name changed--instead of Presidential Preference Poll, it is now called the Party-Run Presidential Primary. Below are answers to some questions that we have heard.

❓   I just want to vote for Bernie, what do I need to do?

Fill in the circle under the 1 column for Bernie Sanders as shown in the picture above and return your ballot as soon as possible

close-up of Bernie cast ballot source:DPH media packet (with modifications)

❓   Does it count if I just vote for Bernie for all three spaces?


source:Matthew Fitch (Merriman River Group, vendor)

❓   Does it count if I just vote for Bernie in the first space, and leave the others blank?


source:Matthew Fitch (Merriman River Group, vendor)

❓   I mailed my ballot. How do I know they got it?

There is a barcode and sequence number on both the outer envelope you originally received in the mail and the envelope you mailed back. When your ballot envelope is recieved, it will be scanned and available for you to check online within 24 hours.

  1. Find either your original outer envelope or the picture you took, and look for the sequence number directly under the long barcode. A sample is below

close-up of outside ballot envelope source:DPH media packet (with modifications)

  1. Go to and enter the sequence number. It should give you a current status.

source:official instructions

❓   I mailed my ballot more than 5 days ago and checked the sequence as instructed above, but it still hasn't shown up.

Call the hotline: 888-317-1906

❓   I want to know more about how Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) works

Check out our collection of RCV reference material at /RCV

❓   Can I bring my ballot to a location on April 4th?

Yes, but it must be in the sealed return envelope. However, we recommend that you mail it as soon as possible to avoid long lines and crowds.

❓   Other questions?

Call the hotline: 888-317-1906 or email us at